2019 Fall Meeting – Wells Fargo
Zirbel’s SAS Teaching Program – Doug Zirbel
Using SAS to interact with AWS storage service S3 – Subash Kashyap
Modeling Activity at Charlotte Douglas Airport for Strategic Planning of Airline Operations – Doug Smith
Unsupervised Learning for Anomaly Detection in Securities Data – Laura Rudolphi
Tech Tips:
SAS Enterprise Guide Query Builder and Data Exploration – Parshu Anantharam
Tips for Improving Efficiency – Yao Zhang

2019 Spring Meeting – Commerce
Tech Tips:
Using SAS to Write with Other Languages – Isaac Benrubi
Untranslatable Characters – Parshu Anantharam

2018 Fall Meeting – Nestle Purina
Jerry Kagan – Everything You Wanted to Know About GAUSS
Isaac Benrubi – SAS and Automation: Converting SQL to SAS in the OAQ Report
Kathy Berri – Using Teradata and SAS to Market to Customers
Dajun Tian – Perl Regular Expressions in SAS: A Hands-on Tutorial, Part 2
Keith Womer – Ramp Up and Disruption in the Black Hawk Helicopter Program, Using SAS’s Local Search Optimization
Yao Zhang & Michelle Simkins – ODS PDF Reporting
Tim Young & Aaron Bernstein – Time Series Forecasting with SAS Forecast Server
Tech Tips:
Arjun Shrestha – Automating and Creating a Zip File


2018 Spring Meeting – Monsanto
Nancy Rausch – What’s New in SAS Data Management (Paper)
Nicole Ackerman – Troubles with Text Data
Nathan Risk – Tips and Tricks for Using Macros to Automate SAS Reporting
Bruce Schaalje – Literate Programming in SAS
Dajun Tian – Regular Expressions in SAS
Nancy Rausch – Cloud Analytic Services in SAS Viya (Paper)


2017 Spring Meeting – Commerce Bank
Melodie Rush – Help! My Director of Analytics Wants to Get Rid of SAS
Derek Morgan – ISO 8601 and SAS
Melodie Rush – How to Select the Best Predictor Variables
Tech Tips:
Arjun Shrestha – Parallel Processing in PC SAS
Nathan Risk – Fun with Formats
Eric Kaufman – Data Science Training Made Easy
Jerry Kagan – Running Multiple SAS Sessions
Puzzler: 2017 Spring Meeting Puzzler


2016 Fall Meeting – Express Scripts
Amit Bothra – Predicting Opioid Dependency: From Model to Paper
Komla Ahlijah – Using SAS to Develop Internal Fraud Detection Strategies
Arjun Shrestha – SAS Automation & SAS Code Improvement
Doug Zirbel – Proc Transpose Cookbook
Nathan Risk – 20 Years of Mistakes, Missteps, & Lessons Learned in Logistic Regression
Puzzler: 2016 Fall Meeting Puzzler and Solution


2015 Fall Meeting – Monsanto
Changjian Jiang – Analyzing Count Data with Count Distributions Using SAS
Douglas Smith – Strategic Planning at a Commercial Airport
Josh Weng – SAS SQL Programming Tricks for Handling Longitudinal Data Sets
Susan Riordan – GTL, Proc Template & SGRENDER Code Applied to Highly Customized Standalone Graphs
Tech Tips:
Scot Fague – Adding and Modifying Sysdate to Output Files
Rebecca Willison – Use SQL and DATASETS Procedures to Rename Variables
Bill Howells – Split Data Before Proc Transpose
Derek Morgan – Proc Sort Goes Linguistic
Lexie Mantlo – Adding Abbreviation Macros to Simplify Repetitive Coding
Nathan Risk – Proc Geodist & Plotting MDS Distance
Puzzler: 2015 Fall Meeting Puzzler